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Jersey City Summer WorksThe City of Jersey City's Summer Youth Employment and Enrichment Program
Jersey City Youth CounselThe JCYC is a youth court program available to help first-time youth offenders, who have committed minor offenses get back on track and avoid court involvement. These young people called "respondents" appear before a judge and jury of their peers who determine fair and appropriate sanctions.
Jesus Family ChurchIt is a Church focused on community service. We have food pantry for the homeless every last Friday of the month and we have low cost After School Tutoring Program for kids from 3 pm to 6 pm and we offer ESL classes.
Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (JIFGA)The Jewish Institute for Global Awareness seeks to globally provide humanity with greater awareness of the existence of root ethical universal values that Jews, Christians, and Muslims can act upon within their own religious traditions. These principles are dependent upon Biblical teachings.
Joys In Teaching IncOur goal is to bridge the educational opportunity gap through our variety of enrichment, remediation and outreach programs. We strive to ensure that children of all academic and socioeconomic status gain the knowledge & experience necessary to become positive change agents for their communities
Keep Jersey City BeautifulThe Great Jersey City Clean Up encourages communities and individuals to take greater responsibility for improving their environment by reducing waste and preventing litter.
Kensington Avenue Little Free LibraryEstablished April 16th, 2017, our Little Free Library has been gifted to Kensington Avenue neighborhood through the Impact Fund & Whoopi Goldberg. Through the Impact Fund, The LFL place book exchanges where they can make a difference. Join the Jersey City Reading Revolution!
Kiwanis Club of Jersey CityThe Kiwanis Club is a group of volunteers dedicated to serving the youth of the world. Our local club, founded in 1921, caters particularly to children throughout Jersey City. Scholarships, awards, youth-driven events occur as a result of the efforts by dedicated members and partners.
Leonard Gordon Park ConservancyThe Leonard Gordon Park Conservancy (LGPC) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization located in Jersey City Heights. The Conservancy formed in 2015 with a mission to advocate for Leonard Gordon "Mosquito" Park's renovation, maintenance, and engagement with the community.
Liberty Humane SocietyLiberty Humane Society (LHS) is a non-profit animal shelter and welfare organization based in Jersey City. Every stray animal from Jersey City and Hoboken comes through our facility.