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Companion Animal TrustCompanion Animal Trust is a non-profit cat rescue located in Jersey City. We do not have a shelter and instead we rely on foster homes to temporarily house our cats. Adoptions are held every Sunday from 12 - 4pm at Fussy Friends, the local pet supply store in downtown JC.
DBA-Heaven on Earth Associates Inc.Heaven on earth associates Inc. is a non-profit pursuing 501C-3 status. With contractual efforts with small businesses, we will be offering employee wellness and community wellness all for the achievement of a Volunteer Citizen Ambassador program. People helping people.
Deliverance Children's MinistryDeliverance Children's Ministry has been providing tutoring services, educational workshops, children and parent enrichment programs, career development and financial literacy as well as consulting services since 2013 in partnership with The Joys In Teaching, LLC.
Department of RecreationDepartment of Recreation is an entity within the City of Jersey City established to promote healthy activity and development for its youth, adult and senior residents. More than sports, the Department of Recreation is an focused on positive experiences enhancing overall quality of life.
Divine Purpose Community SvcsCommunity Building Organization
Educational Arts Team, Inc.EdArtsTeam incorporated in 1981 to improve literacy for low income urban students in low performing schools and provide positive cultural, social and recreational experiences in our summer daycamp. We achieve these goals through the two branches of our organization Dramatic Impact and Camp Liberty.
Family Partners of Hudson CountyFamily Partners of Hudson County is a family run county based organization those mission is to empower caregivers of children with behavioral, emotional, and substance abuse challenges. We support, educate, & advocate for our families and we Empower caregivers to become advocates for their families.
Family Promise of Hudson CountyFamily Promise of Hudson County is a shelter for homeless families from Hudson County. Families are provided with emergency sheltering, case management and a connection to local resources.
First Friends of New Jersey and New YorkFirst Friends of NJ and NY upholds the inherent dignity and humanity of detained immigrants and asylum seekers. We provide compassion and hope through volunteer visitation, resettlement assistance and advocacy.
Friends of Arlington ParkVolunteers that help maintain, plan and host events in Arlington Park.