Description & History

Since 2017, the Hudson County Latino Foundation has positioned itself to become the largest and most trusted charitable institution in Hudson County.  Our work in the areas of Healthcare, Education and Community Development are our cornerstone pillars.  Our core values which are at the heart of every employee and volunteer reflect who we are as people who love our community. We are defined by words like vision, integrity, empathy and selfless service. As a Foundation and organization, we strive to the highest standards of quality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do.  

The Foundation also believes four fundamental attributes when we deal with our community: honesty, respect, transparency and accountability. To this end, our goal is to ensure every person should have an opportunity to succeed and we have the tools to get them there. There are many people living in poverty, economic disenfranchisement and overall disparity. With your help, these are some of the broad issues we will tackle.

About the organization

The Hudson County Latino Foundation

Carolina Jaquez
Executive Director
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