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Grief is an experience that everyone has; regardless of race, age, sex, religion, or financial background. For many children who face grief early in their lives, it can be a very isolating experience due to a lack of understanding and a lack of supportive people who understand their emotions and needs. Good Grief, a nonprofit in Morristown and Princeton, New Jersey, specializes in supporting the needs of grieving children through free peer support programs, education, and advocacy. Good Grief was created in 2004 and serves over 550 participants every month. However, not everyone who would like to benefit from our services has the opportunity to do so due to transportation and other needs. In order to meet the needs of urban youth, Good Grief created In Community, a program that supports underserved children and families. In Community is launching in Jersey City this spring, and will cater to children ages 6-18 who have experienced the loss of someone important in their lives, as well as providing support to their parent or guardian so that they can learn how to better understand their children’s needs. In Community will reduce isolation by creating a community of children of similar ages who have experienced loss, as well as give them the tools to develop healthy coping skills to adapt to their current and other adversities they may experience. Come and be a part of the mission today, where a team of dedicated volunteers and staff ensure that no child ever has to grieve alone.

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