Description & History

The I Love Greenville Community Partnership  fosters communication & creates links among neighborhood stakeholders - residents, business owners, non profit organizations, faith based institutions - to address existing and potential issues which threaten to compromise the quality of life in a hyper-focused section of the Greenville neighborhood in Jersey City.  

A comprehensive neighborhood plan was developed, with input from over 500 area stakeholders, which identifies the shared community vision and goals and provides a full list of activities and initiatives to make these collective intentions a reality. This plan emphasizes the power of collaboration amongst resident and stakeholders and will generate investment for community improvement through grant funding and incentivized charitable donations for projects identified by the residents.

The I Love Greenville Community Partnership aims to transform a distressed section of Greenville through stakeholder empowerment and inclusion. 


About the organization

I Love Greenville Community Partnership

Gillian Sarjeant-Allen
Community Development Manager