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The mission of the Jersey City Soccer Association (JCSA) is to provide affordable soccer programs in Jersey City regardless of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, gender or sexual orientation.  The association is comprised of a board of directors and association members who serve as coaches or provide critical administrative support.  All members of the association are non-compensated volunteers who give of their time and their passion for the sport of soccer, to provide a safe outlet for our children to be physically active in a city environment while teaching them how to play the beautiful game of soccer.

JCSA has been organizing training, matches, leagues and tournaments for over 35 years. Matches and tournaments are played in Jersey City for the recreational league. More competitive traveling teams are part of the New Jersey Youth Soccer Association and compete in the Northern Counties Soccer League.  To make our program successful, and provide our players with a fun, healthy, educational and athletic experience, while promoting the sport of soccer, we work closely with the Jersey City Department of Recreation, the Jersey City Board of Education, Hudson County Parks and other public organizations to provide facilities and equipment.

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Jersey City Soccer Association

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