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Better Tomorrows' case management and community programming are focused around our four core outcome areas: Economic Stability, Educational Success, Healthy Lifestyles, and Strong Communities. 

Economic Stability - Better Tomorrows hosts a variety of outcome-driven programs to help youth, adults and seniors improve their economic stability in a variety of ways, including job training, subsidized employment, job retention and job enhancement, following safe credit/borrowing practices, and sound financial planning.

Educational Success - Better Tomorrows educational programming provides enhanced academic support to students, in preparation for postsecondary success.  From STEM programming, to SAT prep, to daily homework assistance, all Better Tomorrows' educational programming aims to foster academic engagement and advancement.

Healthy Lifestyles - Better Tomorrows healthy lifestyles programming encourages participants to be active, eat healthy foods, and prevent chronic health problems. From exercise programs to cooking classes, Better Tomorrows healthy lifestyles outcome-driven programs are goal oriented and popular across the communities the organization serves.

Strong Communities - Strong communities not only provide services and support to people who are in need, but they also help prevent social problems like drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and crime.  Better Tomorrows is committed to working to create healthy communities that are safe and supportive.

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