Description & History

We're excited to launch the Diversity Fellowship opportunity to serve Jersey City communities. The Mayor's Office of Welcoming Communities seeks to integrate immigrants in Jersey City through serving as a reliable trusted portal to local resources for immigrants and new citizens residents.


The lack of resources and needs of the city to focus across a broad ranges of issues citywide (For instance: health equity, housing, worker's rights, languages access, etc.) and the ability to face the challenges of immigrant integration in a comprehensive matter.  In response to these challenges we have formed our Diversity Fellows Program, which is a unique volunteer internship opportunity that seeks to accentuate our talented residents’ natural role as community leaders, while providing them comprehensive knowledge of assistance programs, and practice serving under-served communities.


*Unpaid Fellowship and Volunteer opportunities.


Must be able to work between 10-15 hours per week


If you are interested in being a part of this program, please email or call 201-547-4900 for the application. In the email,  in the subject line, identify as "Diversity Fellowship"

About the organization

Office of Welcoming Communities

Sofia Rinvil
Immigration and New Citizen Services Coordinator
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