Description & History

In addition to helping our clients with their nutritional needs, we provide a Social Worker on site to counsel our clients and to provide a host of resources for various other needs, such as domestic violence services, housing/utilities assistance, Employment/Training Assistance, Education/Literacy Needs, Substance Abuse Counseling, Food stamps or WIC, among other things. We are a bridge back to life.

St John's Hands On 4 Hunger Food Pantry works with many men, women and children, corporations, sororities and fraternities, AARP, schools, community leaders, business owners and a host of others who find enjoyment and have lots of fun working with us. Because of this, our volunteers return time and time again, and often bring friends and family back with them to volunteer as well.

If you are looking for volunteering opportunities, we may be the place for you.

About the organization

St. John's Hands On 4 Hunger Food Pantry

Debra Goidel
Food Pantry Founder and Director
Pastor Mona Fitch-Elliott
Spiritual Leader