Description & History

Code for Jersey City (CJC) is a hands-on


active local volunteer group that 


collaborates with the JC government and 


community partners to build new tools 


that help with local civic issues. CJC 


believes in public sector innovation 


(including civic-tech) and strongly supports 


digital-government projects (especially 


involving open data, open source, and 


open government). CJC is a program of 


Open JC and an official Code for America 


Brigade Chapter.


Our volunteers consist of over 375 


technologists, data scientists, community 


advocates, designers, developers, 


journalists, educators, students, 


government employees and more from 


various corners of Jersey City and our 


neighbouring cities representing a 


rich diversity in culture, industry, and 


experience. In order to build an ecosystem 


that values free and open technologies 


and processes, we operate in a way that is 


inclusive and participatory of all people, and 


in agreement with our Code of Conduct.


CJC meets regularly on the 2nd and 4th 


Tuesday of every month to work on projects 


and brainstorm on current civic issues 


and activities around Jersey City. CJC 


is the largest and leading technology 


community in Jersey City as it provides a 


great opportunity to both meet and network 


with other like-minded members of the 


community, in addition to taking action to 


improve the city that we live in and share. 


CJC is a vibrant and active community that 


welcomes anyone interested in technology, 


improving quality of life, or simply learning 


more about Jersey City to join us at one of 


our meetups.

About the organization

Code For Jersey City

Sharad Hegde
Brigade Captain
Akisia Grigsby
Brigade Captain
Emmanuel Simon
Brigade Captain
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