Description & History

Jersey City is the first Keep America Beautiful (KAB) affiliate in the State of New Jersey. KAB is the nation’s longest-running non-profit devoted to litter reduction, increasing recycling and greening initiatives, and neighborhood beautification through civic engagement, volunteerism and building partnerships between the public and private sectors. 

Aware of the effects that litter and neglect have on the quality of life in Jersey City, the City sought an affiliation with KAB and has been running several quality of life initiatives under the Keep Jersey City Beautiful (KJCB) umbrella, including the Jersey City Mural Arts program and the City’s signature anti-litter program, Stop the Drop. 

Keep America Beautiful seeks to educate, motivate, and activate people to recycle more and recycle right by improving recycling awareness and participation. We provide tools to inform people how and where to make recycling happen and most importantly why to recycle - transforming the act of recycling into a daily social norm. 

About the organization

Keep Jersey City Beautiful

Omni Aviv
Volunteer Coordinator
Esteban Rodriguez
Coordinator of Community Engagement & Volunteerism
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