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We have streamlined our volunteer process through our "Welcome Survey." Please do not apply for volunteer opportunities directly through ServeJC. All prospective volunteers interested in receiving more information on SJC and the organization's volunteer opportunities must complete our Welcome Survey:


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What is Sustainbility?

Sustainability is about individuals working together to help themselves, their local community, society as a whole, and the planet we all depend upon. Positive changes in your daily life have significant impact, and volunteering helps you to learn about new solutions, and help spread the word about these practices.

We believe our projects are important and effective, but without your help they will get done more slowly or not at all. The work is satisfying and fun, so please join us! Think About “What Sustains You?” and see if you find a place for taking action alongside like-minded people either in your neighborhood or engaged in one of our city wide programs.

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Volunteer Opportunities at Sustainable JC

1. Join SJC’s Organizational Team:

-Community Education & Social Events Team: Interested in developing educational programming and plan fun events for the public? SJC hosts a myriad of educational talks, workshops and special events intended to evolve a learning and knowledge sharing community across various networks. Work with us on our annual Certificate Program In Urban Sustainability or our monthly calendar of learning events. We also like to bring sustainability focused people together to socialize in a relaxed setting at our quarterly Green Drinks series. All these events need to be planned and managed to be effective and fun! Join SJC’s growing events production team to bring your topic ideas into a public forum, to help us manage the logistics for our events, and to further develop our new sponsorship relationships.

-Online Promotion / Communications Team Members: The success of our projects depends on community awareness. If online promotion and social media outreach is your specialty, you can do this for a number of SJC initiatives. As we tool a new communications strategy for growing the Sustainability Movement in Jersey City, individuals with insightful perspectives, business writing skills and media awareness are needed. Wanted - Guest Bloggers, Website Content Strategists, SEO Specialists and Social Media Advertisers with ability to design and execute email marketing campaigns welcome!

-Fundraising, Public Relations and Community Sponsorship: We're looking for outgoing, passionate people to help us secure funds, venues and/or supplies for our many diverse events, including our annual Fall JC Half Marathon in Lincoln Park! Public Relations background welcome! If you have a few hours to contribute during the week and are excited to grow your network in Jersey City, we'd be grateful for your help! 


2. Join An Existing SJC Project

Current SJC Projects

These projects are staffed and active but would be more effective with additional members. We also have some projects that require more educational outreach before they officially launch.

Green Infrastructure – Trees, Rain Gardens, Moss Walls & Green Roofs: https://www.sustainablejc.org/projects/green-infrastructure-rain-gardens

Community Education For Sustainability & After School Programming JC School District: https://www.sustainablejc.org/projects/sustainable-schools

Greener Energy Efficient Buildings: https://www.sustainablejc.org/greener-buildings

Good Food Now! & Food Rescue: https://www.sustainablejc.org/projects/good-food-now

Plastics & Materials Recycling: https://www.sustainablejc.org/plastics-materials-recycling-project

Community Solar – Residential + Commercial: https://www.sustainablejc.org/projects/community-solar

Food Waste Composting & Community Gardens: https://www.sustainablejc.org/projects/community-composting  


Geographic Information System Mapping & Data Visualization: https://www.sustainablejc.org/sjc-maps



3. Start Your Own! - We Will Support You!  



Sign our Charter! 

By signing the SJC Charter you are adding your name to a growing list of community stakeholders who are interested in making Jersey City a more sustainable place to live and work.  City Hall wants to know what you are thinking and your signature to this document will help us communicate that. Also, your signature will allow you to receive our periodic newsletter and event updates which you can opt out of at anytime. Lastly, by signing SJC’s Charter you will become an honorary Member of our organization, for which we thank you 👍



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